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Currency Investing: 5 Reasons to Diversify Your Portfolio Globally

The popularity of currency investing has risen due to global economic uncertainty, opening up opportunities for average investors in the forex market. Multinational companies can use this market to conduct business in foreign countries while speculators can benefit from exchange rate movements. Here are some reasons to consider currency investing:

  1. Diversification: Currencies can balance a portfolio heavily focused on U.S. equities by buying currencies that may rise if the dollar drops in the future. Unlike stocks, currencies move relative to each other, with one currency rising while another falls.

  2. Level Playing Field: Currency news that affects prices is available to everyone on a real-time basis. In theory, there are no insiders in the forex market which operates 24/7 worldwide. Currency valuations are driven by actual monetary flows and events, allowing investors to analyze how these events may impact a country's currency.

  3. Global Economic Hedge: Concerns over U.S. fiscal and monetary policies generating inflation and weakening the dollar over time make currency traders monitor developments closely. Investors can select currencies based on how they perceive relative value changes over time and bet both ways, either long or short.

  4. Capital Appreciation: Currencies offer potential for capital appreciation, with profit from rising currency values against the dollar and loss from falling values.

  5. Hedge Against Political and Event Risk: Tactical assessment of events around the world, such as interest rate fluctuations or political upheavals, allows playing currencies against each other.

Currency investing carries risks beyond country borders, with understanding of global economies and interaction important. Risk and rewards are amplified by leverage, multiplying potential profit or loss. To minimize risk, invest like equities and choose currencies from countries with stable financial and banking systems. Consult a broker to determine if currency investing suits personal portfolios.

Currency day-trading is not advisable for inexperienced traders, as professionals study these markets. Historically, currencies trend with less volatility than many stocks, providing another option for taking advantage of global events over the longer term.


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